Cassandra RosadoCassandra Rosado

Home Town: Saugerties, New York
Major/Minor: Spanish / Latin American Studies and Psychology with a concentration in Bilingual Education

Marist College Council on Theatre Arts (MCCTA): I never did theater in high school and now I love it! 5 Shows so far!
SEED: We do things like pick up garbage and Dumpster Dives, but we also go on gorgeous hikes and canoe trips.
Volleyball Intramural Captain: So much fun!
Admissions Office: I work at the front desk and give campus tours (making my own hours!). It's the best job on campus!
Community Service: My 1st semester I helped out in an integrated kindergarten classroom where 17 out of 21 of them spoke another language at home (really interesting!) and my 2nd semester I helped out teaching ESL to adults in the community. I loved it so much that I'm thinking about doing it as a career. This semester, a friend and I are working on getting free ESL lessons on campus for any employees on campus.

How did you choose Marist: I had looked at a ton of other schools, but none had really clicked for me. As soon as I stepped on Marist campus, I just knew that it was the right fit for me, and I couldn't be happier!

What do you like best about Marist: Ummm, besides the awesome classes, incredible professors and GORGEOUS campus... maybe the fantastic housing?!

What was your favorite class: I loved Civilizations of Latin American and right now, I love Civilizations of Spain (probably because I can't wait to study abroad in both places!!!!) but my Intro to Bilingual Education class has given me so much. It's a one-on-one class with the professor and me. I get to do my own research and come to class with discussions and opinions. It's an incredible experience!

Where did you study abroad: I'm going to study abroad for my 1st semester Junior year in Madrid, Spain and my 2nd semester in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I can't wait!!! It's going to be an amazing experience.

Best part of living on campus: The housing is awesome, first of all. As a Sophomore, I live in an apartment-style dorm with five other girls. We have a kitchen, living room and bathroom all to ourselves. These past two months, I've really gotten to learn the true meaning of independence, which was important to me, before I study abroad next year. Besides that, you can't beat the convenience of living on campus. There's always so much going on that I would hate to miss out on. Club meetings, rehearsals, trips, movies, seminars, comedians, concerts... it's all right here on campus!

Marist on the weekends: Never a dull moment. If you're not at the Cabaret listening to an up-and-coming new artist or comedian, you're at a fundraiser, MCCTA show, the mall, in the city seeing a Broadway show (for $25!!!!), going on a hike, picnicking at the Vanderbilt Mansion or FDR house, going to the Headless Horseman (most fun thing to do before Halloween!), going out dancing or eating and sometimes even just hanging out with friends (if you need a break from all the fun). (I'm also just going to name-drop and say that we just had Lupe Fiasco come in September and this past spring, Lifehouse!!!)