Danielle ProvostDanielle Provost

Home Town: Ramsey, NJ
Major/Minor: Business with a concentration in finance, no minor

Clubs/Activities: Ambassadors. Dance club: I love to dance so this is so much fun for me to be involved in. I love both of my routines. I am in a jazz/lyrical dance and my first hip hop dance. I used to dance when I was in grade school, and quit when I was 12. It is easy for anyone to do the beginner classes and it is so much fun! Classes only meet once a week so it doesn't take up time from my homework, usually. I'm so excited for the dance show and I will definitely continue to be in this club all my years at Marist.

How did you choose Marist: My father went here so it was the first school I went to visit, for his sake. Since it was the first school I saw, even though I like it, I kept my search going. All the other schools I applied to were bigger universities and much farther from home. When I decided to go to Marist I was excited and proud. Its small community and walkable campus is what I love most. All my teachers know my name, and the small classes make it easy to do well and concentrate.

What do you like best about Marist: I like the small classes and small campus the most. Personally, I do not have a good sense of direction so the campus was made for people like me! I can walk to any building I need for class or activities.

What is your favorite class: My favorite class is my environmental issues class. It is a great class because we are learning so many important things that are happening within my generation. It's not history or just definitions of overall science. This class is about the Earth and its deterioration and why our environment is being destroyed. Although it is depressing at times, I feel it is extremely important to be informed about these issues not only for protection of the environment, but also to be informed about worldly issues, because we learn about all the countries contributions.

Best part of living on campus: The best part of living on campus is being able to walk to all the places I need to go in a short time.

Marist on the weekends: Can be repetitive, but it is good to relax with my friends in the dorm and we like to order food (awesome that the nearby places deliver right to the dorm) or walk over to Applebee's or the other restaurants across the street.