Freshman Students

Marist College

Who is a freshman student?

You are considered a freshman for admission and scholarship purposes if you have not enrolled in college course work after high school completion, regardless of the number of college credits earned while in high school

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Marist Fox Tales Blog
Hidden Gems of Marist

Marist has much to offer with its beautiful architecture and amazing location on the Hudson River. However, Marist has so much to offer that we often overlook some of the best breath-taking spots on campus. Here are some of the must-see hidden (and not so hidden) gems at Marist! Let’s start with the obvious gems: THE…
Marist is “Happy” in New York and Italy!

Red Fox Roommate Selection

So next fall you are moving away from your hometown, your parents, your bedroom. And in case that wasn’t surreal enough, your new college room will be shared with another person – who you have never met! Oh, and you have to wear sandals in the shower. Although it is definitely strange and even intimidating…

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