Kailey FitzgeraldKailey Fitzgerald

Home Town: East Hampton, New York
Major: Communications

Clubs/Activities at Marist: I am involved in a number of activities on campus that include Ambassadors, Marist College Singers, Marist College Dance Club, Marist College Council on Theater Arts, Communication Arts Society, and Marist College Television. Each of these activities contributes a great deal to my experience here at Marist because they each offer something different. I am also introduced to different people whom I've become great friends with!

How did you choose Marist: My guidance counselor suggested Marist for me and I regarded it at first as any other college suggestion. However, when I went on a weekend of college visits, Marist was the first I visited. As soon as I stepped on campus I knew this was the place where I would spend the next four years. After my visited Marist, I wasn't really interested in the other visits that weekend because all I had on my mind was Marist!

What you like best about Marist: I love most of all, the sense of community on campus. Everyone you meet is incredibly friendly and always willing to lend a helping hand. Each person on campus, whether it is a student or faculty member, always seems to want to be involved with the campus and is really concerned and interested about what is going on. This sense of community makes Marist an ideal place to live and grow.

What was your favorite class: My favorite class so far has been Communication Principles with Professor Saraceno. This class really has opened me up to the concepts of communication and has helped me to realize the basis of my major. Also, Professer Saraceno, makes every class interesting as he relates many of our studies to the media, pop culture, and current events.

Do you plan to study abroad: Marist offers so many opportunities to study abroad that I know I want to take advantage of this program. There are so many interesting places in our world, but I think I'd really like to study in Australia.

Best part of living on campus: I think the best part of living on campus is the sense of family that you get. It comes to be your home away from home. I know now, that I am close with all the girls on my floor, and we've become our own little family. Also, being on campus all the time, gives you the opportunity to meet even more people.

Marist on the weekends: There is always something to do on the weekends, whatever you're interested in so don't think that you'll be bored. In addition, SPC, the student activities council, is always hosting fun events and trips. You will certainly always find that there is something exciting going on at Marist.