Katie MeenaKatie Meena

Hometown: Floral Park, New York
Major/Minor: Communications with a concentration in Radio/TV/Film with a Minor
in Spanish.

Clubs/Activists: Ambassador Program, Orientation Leader, Marist College Singers, WMAR (Marist Radio Station), MCTV (Marist Television Station), Circle K

How did you choose Marist: I first found out about Marist by taking one of those "College Match" surveys on the College Board website. After Marist turned up in my results, I looked at the information given on the College Board website, as well as the Marist website. My family and I then scheduled to have a tour of the school. The moment I stepped onto the campus, I knew that this was the school for me. I loved the layout of the school and the friendliness I experienced from everyone. In addition, Marist had a great Communications program as well as a great study abroad program. Marist also offered a variety of sports, clubs, and organizations for me to join. I chose Marist because it offered everything I wanted from a college.

What do you like best about Marist: I absolutely love the close-knit community feel of Marist. As I walk from class to class I say hello to at least three people along the way. Because everyone here is so polite and friendly, making friends was simple. I also love the great opportunities that are offered to students of all ages, such as studying abroad, playing a sport, or even being on the radio as a Freshman. It is also incredible to stand outside the library and have an amazing view of the Hudson River.

What was your favorite class: I loved my Communication Principles class. The topics discussed were really interesting and I could relate them to my daily life. It really helped me learn about how others communicate, as well as how I communicate. In addition, I had a phenomenal professor who was outgoing, friendly, sarcastic, witty, and down-to-earth. It was a very relaxed and informal atmosphere. My Comm. Principles class was worth getting up for at 8 AM.

Best part about living on campus: In addition to the close-knit community of Marist, I love the instant bonds that are formed between students. Because you are with these people every day, close friendships are immediately formed. I love how every night is like a constant sleepover: staying up late talking with friends, watching a movie, playing a video game, or just goofing off. It is exactly what I imagined life on campus to be.

Marist on the weekends: When Friday rolls around, Marist has a lot to offer. Whether you want to stay on campus or venture off into Poughkeepsie, there is always something to do. On campus, you can attend a sporting event, rent a movie from Student Activities, play billiards, see one the theatre program's productions, or watch a movie that is sponsored by Student Activities. Marist also offers weekend trips to the mall, the city to see a Broadway Show, or the occasional trip to Six Flags. If you want to step off campus, there are many restaurants along Route 9 that are perfect places to eat for you and your friends. There is never a dull moment at Marist on the weekends!