Kristen ZirkelKristen Zirkel

Home Town: Bethpage, New York (Long Island)
Major/Minor: Mathematics Education Major and Psychology Minor

Clubs/Activities: I'm a proud member of the Ambassador Program which allows me to promote Marist and share my experiences here with high school students. I'm also the School of Computer Science and Mathematics representative on the Student Academic Council. I participate in Campus Ministry providing different acts of community service. Finally I'm a member of the bowling club and math club.

How did you choose Marist: I chose Marist because when I first came into college I wasn't sure if I would stick with my major or not and Marist offers many different majors that I was interested in. I also love the location, it's close to the city as well as my home on Long Island. The final reason I chose Marist was that when visiting the school and participating in a shadow day, I felt comfortable. Everyone was always willing to help and always seemed happy to be here as well. I knew that as long as I felt comfortable at the school, I would love being there, and I was right.

What do you like best about Marist: There are so many things I love about Marist. One is that the professors are always willing to help. They want you to do well in classes and they know that in order to do that you may need extra help and they're always willing to put in the extra time. I also love that there is always things to do on campus on the weekends. Student Activities plan amazing trips and concerts which are so much fun to attend. My favorite trips are to New York City to see Broadway shows.

What is your favorite class: So far I've had two favorite classes, Calculus III and Themes in Modern History. I enjoyed Calculus III because the teacher did a good job of working the concepts into real world applications. Also since math is my major, I really enjoyed taking my first "upper level" class. I also enjoyed Themes in Modern History because it covered a lot of different time periods and showed how the same concepts played a role in different eras.

Marist on the weekends: On the weekends at Marist I normally spend the day time working on homework. At night I either hang out with friends or go to one of the concerts or performances that Marist has come weekly. I also normally take advantage of Marist's trips to the Poughkeepsie Galleria and go shopping every other weekend with friends. There's always something to do at Marist.