Yesenia LlanosYesenia Llanos

Hometown: Puerto Rico

Major/Minor: Criminal Justice and Spanish Major, Psychology Minor and a Paralegal Certificate.

Clubs/Activities: Black Student Union (BSU): Secretary; Appreciating Races Creating Opportunities (ARCO); Marist College Admissions Office Greeter and a Proud H.E.O.P student (Higher Education Opportunity Program).

How did you choose Marist: When I was searching for colleges, my high school counselor had a poster of Marist with the Hudson River. Its beauty captured my attention. I did the research and decided to visit- what a great decision. I fell in love with the atmosphere and the resources that Marist offers students, like the Higher Education Opportunity Program which helps students academically and financially. More importantly, it's the support any student needs to have a smooth transition from High School to College.

What do you like best about Marist: What I like best about Marist are the small and friendly classrooms where the professors know who you are.  They get to know you, in contrast to lecture classes where you are another one in the bunch. Another thing I like best about Marist is the security. It's very outstanding. I remember we were going to have a snow storm, so I decided to call, what I thought was the class cancellation line, but it turned out to be the security office, so I hung up. Three minutes later my housemate came knocking on my door, saying someone was looking for me. When I went down, it was a security officer asking me if I was okay because they got a call from my room. Right in that instant, I put a smile on my face because I knew I made the right choice coming to Marist.