Admission Tips when Applying for an MBA

How to Apply and Get Accepted to an MBA Program

Admission Tips when Applying for an MBAYou’ve made the decision to earn your MBA, which means now you must start researching schools and deciding what program is right for you. Once you’ve figured that out, it’s time to start applying to schools. For some MBA students, the application process itself can be more daunting than the actual MBA program. With these admission tips for applying for an MBA, you can be sure you’ll put your best foot forward when it comes to this all important degree program.

If you’re wondering how to apply and get accepted to an MBA program, our first piece of advice is to have a plan. There are many parts and pieces that go into an MBA application, and each is given much consideration by schools considering your admission. Make sure that you create a timeline for yourself that allows you to give adequate time to each of the application pieces. The last thing you need is to be rushing to complete essays while simultaneously studying for your GMAT. A proper timeline will give you a chance to keep your application in order, and will ensure each application piece is given its proper due.

A second admission tip when applying for an MBA is to crush your GMAT. Yes, this seems obvious, but what we mean is that this test is probably the most important part of gaining acceptance into a reputable MBA program. Give yourself ample time to study without distraction. You should also plan on taking the GMAT at least twice. The GMAT can be intimidating, and students often find they do better on the second test when they’re a bit more relaxed and know what to expect. Devote yourself to studying and allow for the fact that you may want to take the GMAT again. You may want to take a GMAT prep course, as well. Treat the GMAT with the respect it deserves and you’ll be in great shape to earn your highest score possible. In lieu of the GMAT, Marist also accepts the GRE.  Students should follow a similar approach to preparation for the GRE.   

Another key piece when applying for an MBA is the essay portion of your application. Aside from simply writing a great essay, there are a few things to keep in mind when crafting yours. Stick to the question that is asked. Though your answer may be eloquent and insightful, if it doesn’t address the essay topic or fails to stick to topic, you will be docked. Be sure you adhere to the length restrictions. If the school asks for a 5-page essay, do not write a 10-page essay. Also, avoid writing one generic essay for all schools you’re applying to. Tailoring your essay to the specific school is the best way to ensure your essay is sharp and insightful in regards to the essay topic.

The last piece of how to apply and get accepted to an MBA program is to round out your application. Be sure your recommendation letters come from highly reputable sources. Community involvement is another great way to show schools that you’re serious about being a positive contributor and leader. Speaking of leadership, if there’s an opportunity to grab a leadership position, whether volunteering at work or on your own time, take it. Schools love proactive leaders.

If you follow these tips admission tips when applying for an MBA, you’ll be ahead of the game when it comes to gaining acceptance into the MBA program of your dreams. 

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