Understanding Business Analytics Through an MBA Degree

Earning an MBA While Expanding Your Knowledge in Business Analytics

In today’s highly competitive corporate job market, it is imperative that those seeking to accelerate their careers be as well rounded as possible as it relates to the business world. Through the Marist online MBA degree program, you can gain a fundamental understanding of business analytics while earning your MBA. It’s the perfect way to build a well-rounded resume that will attract the attention of employers.

Earning Your MBA and Business Analytics Masters Degree

Earning Your MBA and Business Analytics Masters DegreeFor students looking to gain a greater understanding of business analytics while earning their MBA degree, Marist offers a chance to apply two business analytics courses towards the MBA program. Graduate students can begin their education in the Business Analytics program and transfer two successfully completed courses after they are accepted into the MBA program, or graduate students can be in the MBA program and take two business analytics courses to earn both their MBA while working towards the Advanced Certificate in Business Analytics.

The Business Analytics and MBA graduate degree combined program option gives students the flexibility to choose the courses they are most interested in, while maximizing their educational opportunities. This is a great opportunity for graduate students and professionals to gain real business analytics experience from experienced professors, and be earning their MBA at the same time.

The Marist Advanced Certificate in Business Analytics program is a four-course, post-baccalaureate program that is built around modern day data management and data analysis, predictive analytics, and business intelligence. Graduate students can expect hands-on learning through cutting-edge software and analytics tools that help harness data and improve decision-making.

Marist offers the following courses in Business Analytics as part of the Advanced Certificate program:

  • Data Management
  • Introduction to Data Analysis & Computational Statistics
  • Decision Support Systems
  • Data Mining & Predictive Analytics

As you can see, this unique program is beneficial to graduate students and professionals, and gives Marist MBA students a leg up over their peers. Contact a Marist representative today to learn more about how you can earn your MBA and expand your knowledge of business analytics.

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