Professional Backgrounds that can Benefit from an MBA Degree

Careers that can Benefit from Earning a Masters in Business Administration

Susan M. Kochanowski, Ph.D, Assistant Professor in the School of Management, talks about the variety of professional backgrounds found in the Marist College online MBA program.

Everybody should get out and work before they start their MBA. Just a few years of working can give you an enormous change in perspective. This perspective is going to help you be able to be more successful in the MBA degree program. A very large majority of people in our program work, it really makes the classroom situation very rich. Each MBA student working in a different organization, with different levels of experience, adds to the MBA program as a whole.

Marist College offers an online MBA program for business professionals looking to expand their career. Students enrolled in the MBA program are able to grow not only through academic knowledge, but also the shared experiences of their peers.