Choosing an MBA or MPA Program

MBA vs. MPAStudents in the School of Management at Marist College are offered the choice between both a Master’s in Business Administration and a Master’s in Public Administration for their graduate studies. The degree you choose will depend heavily on your desired career track and may even be influenced by your current career path, whether you’d like to move up in your career or if you’re looking for a career change. The MPA program is for students looking to gain experience in management for roles in public sector jobs. On the other side is a degree in Business Administration, which develops business professionals seeking management or higher level positions in industries such as finance, accounting, systems analysis, human resources, and manufacturing. An MBA from Marist sets graduates apart from the competition when it comes to their job search, as Marist graduates of business administration are ready to enter a workforce that is diverse and technologically advanced.

The focus of traditional Master's in Business Administration programs around the country has been the role of the general manger with broad responsibilities from finance to marketing. Thus, breadth has always been the focus of an MBA program. The world has changed; and the role of big data and business analytics has become an integral part of the general manager position as new skills must be learned in order to be the most effective decision-maker. As a result, the demands of leadership, management, and followership in this business analytics-focused environment are quite challenging and are infused throughout the Marist MBA curriculum.

Although the concentrations of the MBA program seem similar to those of the MPA program, the MBA program focuses studies on a business setting and those who are invested in operations rather than an overall public who could be affected. Most businesses operate in the private sector, which the concentrations of the MBA program considers. Where the MPA is focused on ethical issues that plague the public and government, the MBA considers the ethical issues of leadership of businesses. In health care, where the MPA is focusing on policy development, the MBA is looking at the operating margins of providers and how the pricing system affects quality of care provided. Each MBA concentration provides its own unique spin on the issues involved in the business operations of industries.

Choosing between an MBA and an MPA degree will ultimately depend on your desired career path. Choosing the MBA program at Marist College has the potential to develop you into a stronger, ethical business leader who is ready and capable of interacting and succeeding within a diverse and dispersed work environment. Consider choosing the MBA degree when applying to Marist College School of Management and become a business leader today.

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