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Master’s in Business Administration Course and Curriculum Structure

The focus of traditional MBA programs around the country has been the role of the general manger with broad responsibilities from finance to marketing.  Thus, breadth has always been the focus of an MBA program.  The world has changed; and as opposed to that general manager being responsible for an organizational entity that exists in a particular location producing a particular good or service, the general manager is responsible for a virtual organization with subordinates, colleagues, and superiors who are geographically dispersed.  Interactions take place electronically through the telephone, email, video conferences, and through VoIP (Voice over IP).  The challenges of leadership, management, and followership in this environment are quite demanding.

The Marist MBA is offered in an asynchronous online format to accommodate the needs of working professionals. While the courses are structured and interactive - with clearly articulated assignments, projects, readings, discussions, and deadlines - there are very few times when you will be required to log-in on a specific date and time. The curriculum of the Marist MBA consists of 6 foundation courses (which can be waived), 5 core courses, and 5 elective/concentration courses, each one incorporating a virtual management focus. Full-time students complete the degree in as little as 4 semesters; part-time students may take up to 7 years, depending on the number of courses they take each semester. Students can start in fall or spring semesters with each semester having two rounds of eight-week classes.Visit the Curriculum Map page to see a sample plan of study.

The Marist MBA also offers several attractive optional concentrations in ethical leadership, finance, health care administration, and international business. 

MBA Courses Online Courses
The Marist MBA is comprised of foundation courses, core courses, electives, and optional concentrations. Students, depending on their undergraduate background and GPA...

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Online MBA Courses Curriculum Map
This plan of study lays out the suggested order for completing the MBA program. Depending on the semester you begin taking your Core Courses...

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