Ethical Leadership MBA Concentration

Master’s In Business Administration Ethical Leadership Concentration Courses

Through the sequence of required Ethical Leadership MBA concentration courses, acquired from the online graduate school at Marist College of New York, graduate students will learn the basic tenants of leadership and ethical decision making. Ethical Leadership MBA graduate students will learn to apply these concepts throughout the curriculum, their lives and future career. The goal of the online MBA Ethical Leadership concentration is to prepare the student to be an effective leader and to face the challenges of the ethical dilemmas they will face in their careers.

Marist Online MBA Ethical Leadership concentrationEthical Leadership Concentration Courses:

Ethical Leadership MBA - 654 Managing Organizational Change Online Course

The Managing Organizational Change Ethical Leadership Master’s degree course is designed to build skills that will help the graduate student effectively manage change. Particular attention will be given to enhancing the MBA student’s capability to analyze situations of change, plan and implement appropriate actions for change, and learn from personal experiences and the experiences of others regarding change. 
Pre-requisites: All MBA Foundation Courses

Ethical Leadership MBA - 684 Leadership, Power and Influence Online Course

This Ethical Leadership course will examine the theory and practice of leadership in organizations. Traditional and modern theories of leadership will be explored, as well as the practical application of these theories in the work place. In addition to covering the traditional concepts of leadership in organizations, this course will take an in-depth look at the power and influence a leader has over the organization and its members. 
Pre-requisites: All MBA Foundation Courses; MBA 654

Ethical Leadership MBA - 685 Negotiations and Conflict Management Online Course

Through this MBA Ethical Leadership course, graduate students are introduced to the theory and practice of interpersonal bargaining. This ethical leadership course will examine types of bargaining strategies, planning for negotiations, how to handle negotiation breakdowns, communications, power, persuasion, and ethics in negotiations, as well as international dimensions of bargaining. The pedagogical approach will largely be through experiential learning exercises based on weekly readings. Evaluations of student efforts will be based upon self-reflections, self-assessment, and personal portfolio construction, as well as in-class performance in negotiating sessions and debriefing discussions. 
Pre-requisite: All MBA Foundation Courses: MBA 654

Ethical Leadership MBA - 688 Ethical Management of Organizations Online Course

Ethical Leadership concentration MBA students will be introduced to the basic concepts of ethics through this course. MBA students will examine ethical frameworks as they relate to business, the environment, the consumer, and the individual within an organization. Ethical Leadership concentration students will also learn to apply these frameworks using moral decision-making techniques to real world case studies. The class will offer students practical tools to help them recognize and address challenging ethical decisions. 
Pre-requisite: All MBA Foundation Courses: MBA 654


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