Financial Management MBA Program

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Through the Marist Master’s of Business Administration graduate degree program students can choose to tailor their curriculum to focus on a graduate degree in finance through the Financial Management MBA program. 

Students enrolled in the online Financial Management Master’s Degree gain comprehensive exposure to the three pillars of finance and their relationships. Through the Financial Management program, students will learn how to apply financial theories to successfully manage and value companies.

MBA in Financial Management Program Online Courses:

Marist Online MBA Financial Management concentration

671 Corporate Financial Theory & Practice

Financial Management MBA students will learn from a study of the theory and practice of corporate finance with attention to financial theory as it refers to the decision-making process. The following topics are covered in detail: the modern approach to risk, the investment decision, the theory of capital structure, dividend policy, short term financial management, and financial forecasting. 
Pre-requisites: MBA All Foundation Courses

644 Financial Statement Analysis

Financial statements are relevant to the decisions of many individuals including investors, creditors, consultants, managers, auditors, directors, analysts, regulators, and employees. The Financial Statement and Analysis course equips finance grad school students with the knowledge to use the information provided in financial statements to make reasoned decisions in a variety of contexts. Traditional financial analytical techniques such as ratio analysis, trend analysis, and vertical and horizontal analysis are used. Additionally, this Master’s in finance course provides the framework in which students can develop appropriate valuation techniques. 
Pre-requisites: All Foundation Courses; MBA 671

672 Financial Markets and Institutions

The MBA Financial Management Markets and Institutions course examines the nature and the role of financial markets and institutions in domestic and international frameworks. The following financial topics are covered: the effects of monetary policy; the role of the Federal Reserve; the continuing flux in financial institutions, especially in banking; domestic and international commercial markets, and international exchange. 
Pre-requisites: All Foundation Courses; MBA 671

673 Investment Analysis and Theory

Through the Investment Analysis and Theory Financial Management MBA course students will learn from a study of investment, primarily in stocks and bonds, and portfolio theory. Significant theoretical and empirical studies are discussed. The following financial topics are covered: the development of portfolio theory, fundamental analysis, technical analysis, bond and stock portfolio management, and international diversification.
Pre-requisites: All Foundation Courses; MBA 671

Financial Management MBA - 100% Online Means 100% Flexible

All course taught through the Financial Management MBA degree can be attended 100% online. Our virtual classroom structure enables students to earn their degree through a flexible environment on their own time. Making it easier than ever for individuals in the financial field to advance their career. If you are looking to take the next step in your career contact Marist today to learn more about our MBA in Finance program through the Master’s in Business Administration graduate degree.


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