The Importance of an MBA Degree in Healthcare Administration

Why Hospitals Want to Hire Employees with MBA Degrees

Dr. Anne Zahradnik, Assistant Professor of Healthcare Administration through the MBA program, talks about the importance of an MBA Master’s degree in Healthcare Administration. Zahradnik has spoken to quite a few CEOs, hospital CEOS and EVPs asking them what graduate degree they want their students to get; the answer is always an MBA Master’s degree. Hospital CEOs want to hire people with business-savvy. It’s a very difficult business environment that hospitals and other health care providers operate in. Hospitals and their patients are heavily intertwined with the economy, often times there are business decisions that need to be made in order to keep the doors open.

There's an old old saying, a sister of charity testifying before Congress said they asked her, “How can you justify having your hospital make a profit?” and she said, “No margin no mission.” We use this saying a lot more when talking about hospital management. You can't keep the doors open,have a charitable mission, and take care of people.

At Marist College, our MBA in Healthcare Administration provides graduate degree students the business skills needed to manage and run a hospital or healthcare facility from a financial prospective.