How Earning Your MBA in International Business Can Change Your Career

International Business Master's Degree Career Opportunities

How Earning Your MBA in International Business Can Change Your CareerIn today's business world, markets around the globe provide businesses the opportunity to expand, find new efficiencies, and extend their reach beyond local markets. Technology has helped to speed along this era of the global marketplace, and now more than ever, fluency in international business is a key to career success for those looking to make their name in the world of business. An MBA in International Business from Marist can help prepare you for success and accelerate your career path in the world of business.

Beyond the traditional fundamentals of business, international business requires an understanding of regional and country specific investment policies, tariffs, international currency policies, monetary and fiscal policies, industrial policy, sovereign debts and more. International Business MBA students will learn all about these principles of international business. International Business MBA students will also graduate with the ability to make informed investment, management, and marketing decisions as they apply to international business.

International business is also regulated by institutions beyond American regulatory groups. International Business MBA students will learn how to make decisions within the laws of and regulations of global institutions such as the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, the European Union, G20, Bank for International Settlements, and other international institutions.

The coursework for the International Business MBA is tailored to educate International MBA students with the proper foundations and principles unique to the world of international business. Students will study everything from corporate financial theory and international economics, to international marketing and financial markets and institutions. Each of these courses will challenge students and use real case studies for a more practical learning experience.

The International Business MBA is 100% online to deliver flexibility in scheduling for students looking to further their career on their own schedule. Marist has achieved top 20 rankings for their online programs from U.S. World & News Report, and has been commended as one of the top tech schools in the country. Owing to our proximity just north of New York City, our faculty is comprised of business and industry leaders, meaning you'll be getting a top notch education from those who have been in the trenches of international business. It's the type of hands-on, rich experience that simply cannot be simulated anywhere else.

Employers throughout the country are always looking for top talent that can bring unique and desirous skills into their office place. With a Master's in International Business, you will be uniquely positioned amongst your peers as not only a well-rounded employment candidate, but also a valuable employee who can either help a business expand or continue its work in foreign regions. Call today to speak to a counselor to learn more about this increasingly important program.



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