How an MBA Can Boost Your Employability

How Earning an MBA Degree can Benefit Your Career Path

How an MBA Can Boost Your EmployabilityLet’s face it, outside of professional sports there’s nothing as highly competitive as being a jobseeker in today’s market. That goes doubly for those looking to excel within the business world, seeking employment with some of the top companies throughout the world. If you’re one of these aspirational people, earning an MBA degree can benefit your career path in many ways, such as getting it started.

According to The Telegraph, in 2012, 92% of business school graduates worldwide found employment within three months after graduation, up from 86% in 2011. Though this survey included business masters as well as MBAs, 76% of international employers said they were looking to hire MBA graduates in 2013. This trend has only continued in today’s labor market.

As more and more companies look to create efficiencies internally, hiring the right people becomes of greater importance. An MBA can boost your employability by showing employers that you have the skills and foundational business principles to succeed in the business world. It’s a powerful differentiator in a crowded marketplace, and an attractive one for employers who need people with a high business acumen from day one.

Marist College offers an online Master’s Degree in Business Administration for students looking to earn this highly sought after degree on their own time. Marist College’s AACSB-accredited School of Management has been recognized by U.S. News & World Report and the Princeton Review for its exceptional business programs. When you earn your MBA from Marist College, you will be earning an MBA that can benefit your career path from one of the most reputable programs in the country.

Marist College’s MBA program offers a unique and comprehensive graduate degree program that emphasizes business practices, as well as leadership and ethics, technological infrastructure, and industry perspectives. Individually, these skills will make you highly attractive to potential employers. Taken together, this MBA program will boost your employability by giving you a well-rounded skillset that is invaluable in today’s increasingly connected and transparent business world.

If you’re interested in earning an MBA degree that can greatly improve your career path, from one of the most reputable business programs in the country, call Marist College today to speak to an admission counselor. It could be your first step towards career success. 

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