Core Courses for Online MBA

Business Administration Master’s Degree Required Core Courses

MBA 601, The 21st Century Manager
This course examines the theory and practice of management and leadership in emerging organizational settings which includes virtual and distance environments. Traditional and modern theories of management, as well as practical application of these theories in the workplace, are explored. The course assists students in examining his/her leadership style and assisting the development of a plan to improve skills in desired areas and environments. Additionally, the course will introduce students to the technology necessary to deal with virtual teams and team members.
Pre-requisites: All foundation courses.

MBA 602, Financial Analysis for Business Decisions
The focus of this course is on valuation and value creation. It consists of two interrelated components: financial statements and assets valuation. It starts with a general discussion of financial environments. It continues with the study of financial statements, comprehensive analysis of financial statements, and techniques of financial forecasting. It builds on the discussion of the determination of interest rates and the relationship between risk and return, the discounted cash flow method of asset valuation, which is then applied to the valuation of financial assets (stocks and bonds) and the valuation of real assets (capital budgeting). It ends with a discussion of exchange rate determination and parity conditions in international finance. The course also brings business ethics to the attention of the students.
Pre-requisites: All foundation courses.

MBA 603, Business, Government & Society
This course introduces the student to the fundamental legal concepts that are the foundation for the developed western world's fairly stable, predictable, and therefore broadly prosperous business environment. It then introduces students to the more volatile world of business in affiliation-based systems. The concept of culture is introduced, and various challenges in international business which arise out of differing cultural values, and out of the difficulties of cross-cultural communication, are discussed. Finally, the roles of business leaders, government, and civil society in achieving sustainable economic prosperity are examined.
Pre-requisites: All foundation courses. 

MBA 604, Management Methods for Business Decision-Making and Communication
This course provides an introduction to quantitative methods/ models as well as practice of modern software applications relevant to business decision-making and communication, with an emphasis on virtual communication tools. Software applications are covered in three distinct modules. 1) MS Excel for decision-making; 2) MS Access or other database applications; 3) Virtual communication tools. The course is taught online and in a hybrid format, using traditional lectures and labs to cover decision-making methods and database related topics. The virtual communication tools are delivered in respective online formats.
Pre-requisites: All Foundation Courses.

MBA 801, Strategic Management
Drawing upon information and skills learned in previous MBA courses, the capstone requires the student to integrate and process all that has been learned in the previous courses. Strategic management cases or typically comprehensive computer oriented management games are employed. These involve the totality of an organization's situation at a certain time, are unstructured, and require a significant amount of time to research and diagnose in order to make realistic long range recommendations. This is the final core course to be taken in the program.
Pre-requisites: Good Academic Standing (GPA of 3.0 or higher); All Foundation Courses; All Core Courses; At least three Concentration or Elective Courses.


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