Utilizing an MBA Degree in a Virtual Marketplace

Benefits of an MBA Degree in the Modern Business World

Ross Mauri, Marist MBA Alumni and IBM VP, discusses utilizing an MBA degree in a virtual marketplace. From the importance of collaborating across time zones and continents, to the notion of “Following the Sun” to create a seamless experience for consumers, Mauri utilizes the knowledge he gained through his MBA degree to help develop the IBM virtual marketplace.

Many large businesses and corporations have begun to rely heavily on a virtual marketplace. In the context of their virtual environment, IBM utilizes the notion of “Follow the Sun”, defining the way business professionals work together with a team across a worldwide virtual marketplace.

The IBM team defines their notion of “Follow the Sun” as being sensitive to when live virtual meetings are scheduled and building a process on how work is passed from one time zone to another. This process is used in development and delivery. Different teams can pick up when it's their turn to work, then stop and pass it to another team as the Sun moves around the world.

The Marist College virtual MBA degree provides graduate students with the knowledge of not only the fundamentals of business as a whole, but also the experience of working in a virtual setting.