MBA Entrepreneur and Business Owner

Christopher McCann, Marist MBA Alumni, on Building Relationships in Business

Christopher McCann, President of 1-800 discusses the business mantra him and his brother have followed since the start of their business: build a relationship first, do business second. McCann is a Marist College MBA Alumni turned entrepreneur and successful business owner.

McCann, prides his business on establishing connections, not only with the customer but also most importantly with his employees. He believes people do not work for a company, people work for people. Even within a challenging virtual environment you need to establish relationships.

At 1-800, we are constantly looking for people that understand the importance on building relationships in a successful business, whether on the entrepreneur level or as an employee. Graduates of the Marist College MBA degree program have the skillset, and more importantly, have that mentality. The MBA entrepreneur and business owner skillset, including building relationships within a business environment, has become second nature to them.