An MBA for Entrepreneurs

Earn Your MBA and Start Your Business Career

Earn Your MBA and Start Your Business CareerFinding success as an entrepreneur is not always easy, but the Marist Master’s in Business Administration graduate degree program can position you for a long, profitable career. With a comprehensive curriculum, access to research resources and feedback, and the ability to connect with alumni and build mentorships, the MBA program provides all the tools you need to be a successful entrepreneur.

Comprehensive MBA Curriculum for Entrepreneurs

The curriculum of the Marist MBA focuses on learning strategies of successful business practices from finance to marketing. For entrepreneurs looking to become a success in their industry, it is important that they understand each aspect of business, as they will be primarily leading all of their business initiatives. Classes in the MBA graduate degree can also help students assess business risk and the steps in managing risk through finance and investment. These skills are important in the world of entrepreneurship as well.

The virtual manager focus, although developed to help graduate students get an understanding of leading a group through technology, can also be beneficial to graduate students who are looking to embark on their journey of entrepreneurship. As an entrepreneur, it is important to develop strong leadership skills, as navigating the start-up of a business can require long hours and hard work. Attaining a sense of responsibility and management of your business can help your success go a long way. The virtual manager focus of the Marist MBA can provide graduate students with this skill.

Access to Ideas for MBA Students

Students enrolled in the Marist MBA are from all over the world, which is one of the benefits of an online MBA program. The chance to connect with unique ideas and viewpoints can be a great springboard to bounce off ideas for businesses as an aspiring entrepreneur. Students in the online program participate in discussion boards where they can interact with students around the world.

Completing an MBA program for entrepreneurs also provides access to tools and technology that may not be easily available outside of the classroom. Graduate students are supplied with platforms to get their ideas off the ground and running. Earning your MBA and starting your business career can go hand in hand with these amazing opportunities.

Find an MBA Mentorship with Professors and Alumni

The Marist MBA is a program designed to help all business students graduate with success in their desired career path. While completing a degree, take advantage of the knowledge of professionals in businesses who are your professors and alumni at Marist. They have real-world experience and have embarked on their own entrepreneurial journeys.

Connecting with a professor who has knowledge about the industry you strive to enter or who can provide resources and tools to help you grow your business can be an invaluable resource of a graduate degree.

The Marist Alumni network includes many business program graduates who have started their own companies. Networking and alumni events can give you a chance to meet industry professionals who can provide advice and help as you navigate through the world of starting your own business.

Earn an MBA for entrepreneurs with Marist College and contact us for more information about curriculum, programming, and networking opportunities for business school students. 

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