Foundation Courses for Online MBA Degree Program 

Master’s Degree in Business Administration Required Foundation Courses  

MBA 515 Economics Foundations
This course introduces students to the study of economics by intensively examining both microeconomic and macroeconomic principles and analysis. Economics is the study of how we, as individuals and as a society, can best use scarce resources. Markets determine which resources are used to produce goods, how many goods will be produced, and how goods are distributed. In addition, the course will examine the performance of the aggregate U.S. economy and examine its place in the world economy. In doing so, students become familiar with key economic constructs such as GDP, inflation, and unemployment. The course also examines the fundamental causes of economic growth, recessions, expansions, and global economic changes as well as the fiscal and monetary policy tools that influence the economy.

MBA 525 Marketing Foundations
This course addresses the management challenge of designing and implementing the best combination of marketing variables to carry out a firm’s strategy in its target markets. Specifically, this course seeks to develop the student’s skills in applying the analytic perspectives, decision tools, and concepts of marketing to such decisions as product offering, communications programs, distribution, and pricing to capture the value created for the customer. The student’s basic objective is to develop his/her own understanding and management skills in this critical aspect of general management.

MBA 535 Analytical Tools for Decision Making
A foundation course in the key statistical methods used to analyze data in support of business decisions. Topics included are: descriptive statistics, continuous and discrete distributions, sampling and inference, comparisons, hypothesis testing, regression, and other more advanced methods selected by the instructor.

MBA 545 Accounting Foundations
An introductory course covering financial and managerial accounting from a user’s perspective. The classifying and recording of business transactions for corporations are emphasized. Also, the concepts of generating, analyzing, and using accounting information in the planning and control processes are covered.

MBA 555 Management Foundations
This course is designed to introduce graduate students to the functions of management, contemporary management thought, and individual processes within the context of organizations. It covers the effects of dynamic environments on the practice of management and the design of organizations, as well as the interplay among individuals, groups, and organizational life.

MBA 575 Finance Foundations
An introduction to the major topics in managerial finance: valuation, cost of capital, capital budgeting, the financing of investment, and the financial analysis of a corporation.


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