How do I Obtain Textbooks if I am in an Online Program?

Buy, Rent, and Sell Your Online Course Textbooks

Students can order their Business Administration Master’s degree course textbooks online or through the Marist College Bookstore in preparation for their MBA classes.

Courses offered pertain to one of four concentration options. Be sure to check to see which courses match your desired concentration path. Concentrations of the MBA program include Ethical Leadership, Financial Management, Healthcare Administration, and International Business.

Ordering through the Marist College Bookstore allows students to purchase or rent textbooks depending in their preference. Students can use the Find Course Materials locator to input Term, Department, Course, and Section and ensure that they are finding the appropriate book for their courses.

Digital Textbooks

Students who prefer to use digital textbooks may find their books online or through the app Yuzu. Through Yuzu students can download readings and use electronic annotations for note taking. Yuzu also supports rentals.

Sell Back Your Textbooks

At the close of the semester students are offered up to 50% cash back for textbooks they no longer need. All resold materials must include the original materials as well as Student ID or appropriate identification at the time of the sale.

View the Marist College Official Bookstore for more information on returns, refunds, and sales. Contact us for more information on course books and registration.


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