Peer Learning Through an MBA Degree Program

Gaining Real World Experiences Through an MBA Program

Dr. Beate Klingenberg Assistant Professor in the Marist College School of Management, talks about the importance of peer learning as a part of the MBA program. Klingenberg gives her students companies to analyze, however she also asks that the students provide feedback on their own experience throughout the learning process. For example, Klingenberg recalls two students who had just gone through a lean transition in their manufacturing company. She asked that they share the experience with their peers. This type of peer learning can help the MBA Master’s degree students understand various aspects of the business world better. This type of learning creates a very dynamic environment even in virtual online MBA classroom.

Marist College offers a complete online MBA Master’s degree program. Students are allowed to learn virtually, however through experienced faculty are still able to gain the knowledge of the peer learning and real world scenarios.