Top 10 Reasons to Earn an MBA Degree

Choosing to Earn a Master's in Business Administration

Top 10 Reasons to Earn an MBA DegreeMarist College offers MBA concentrations in Ethical Leadership, Financial Management and  Healthcare Administration in their online program. Considering taking the next step to advancing your business career? Consider these top ten reasons to earn an MBA degree.

1.    The Return on Your Investment

 Choosing to earn a Master’s in Business Administration can bring to mind the question of what your return on investment will be. Will you break even or come out in the green after paying tuition? Are you guaranteed to land your dream management career for top companies in the business world? Trends in b-school graduates has shown that you can plan to see a ROI in an average of 3 ½ years after graduation, provided you actively use your degree after graduate school (that’s pretty fast!). Choosing a specialized degree can help improve your chances of seeing a faster ROI. Additionally, MBA students are continually employed within a few months after their graduation.

2.    Increase Your Annual Salary

Top 10 Reasons to Earn an MBA DegreeB-school applicants are typically interested in receiving their MBA in an effort to see a salary increase. The Graduate Management Admission Council (the group who created the GMAT exam) reports a median annual salary for MBA graduates at $100,000. Full-time graduates are expected to see increases up to 50% higher than what they were earning before considering an MBA. Even during economic recessions these salaries continue to increase.

3.    Skill-Building Tool Kit

Critical thinking and analysis are important skills to have when entering a high-level business management position. With the changing environment and unpredictable playing field that can be finance and money management, it’s important to develop the ability to be able to accurately make decisions in a fast paced environment. MBA graduates are provided with opportunities to test these skills through projects and case studies during their studies. Graduates are prepared to handle any business problem that may be put on the board room table.

4.    Become a Strong Leader

Large companies are looking for dynamic and charismatic leaders to propel their business efforts forward. While studying for your MBA you will learn how to communicate in a clear, concise manner. Being able to establish a pattern of trust with your future clients is critical to maintaining the integrity of your company.

5.    Increased Global Awareness

B-school students are from all over the world, creating a unique “melting-pot” of ideas that will be brought to the table during classroom discussions and group projects. You will not only learn from your texts but also from the experience of students who are from or currently live in economies outside of the United States. This is an important factor toward deciding to earn a Master’s in Business Administration as many companies are interacting with industries all over the world. Having even a little bit of knowledge about how foreign systems work can help you land a career right after graduation.

6.    Become Fluent in an Emerging Field

Technology plays an important role in modern business. Companies now brand themselves online and through mobile devices. Fields in e-commerce, mobile telecommunications, and information technology are seeing an increase in job opportunities. Having the ability to interact positively with new technology is one more benefit of choosing to earn a MBA graduate degree.

7.    Unique Networking Opportunities

As a student in business school, new connections are available around every corner. Your fellow classmates will one day be your colleagues, clients, or competitors. They may be able to provide references for a future employer or offer sound business advice for your next venture. Taking the opportunity to build on these networking opportunities is essential to moving your business career forward. Network with all those you come in contact with and see the benefits of an MBA degree begin to flourish.

8.    Gain Advice from Top Executives

MBA programs frequently host top business executives for online seminars and networking events where they share their stories and offer advice for entering the business world. If you’re stuck on creating your personal business or not sure which field is right for you, these professionals can encourage you to take the right steps toward success. Network with them too! They might have an opportunity for employment right after you graduate.

9.    Focus Your Career Goals

You may have always wanted to open your own business but are concerned about not having the right skill set to be successful. Entering business school is one way to learn and acquire the tools you will need. Taking advantage of the topics you learn in the courses can help re-focus your career goals, develop new skills, and find the niche that will work best for you and your business ideas.

10. Achieve Your Personal Goals

Perhaps the most important of the "top 10 reasons" for earning an MBA is achieving your personal goals. As a b-school applicant you have personal and career objectives in mind that you plan to work toward during school and upon graduation. Choosing to earn a Master’s in Business Administration can help you achieve those goals and find you years of career success.

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