Is an MBA Degree Relevant to Your Career?

How an MBA Can Equip You With the Tools to Advance Your Career

Helen N. Rothberg, Ph.D, professor at Marist College, talks about the outcome of students enrolled in the Marist College MBA graduate degree program.

Most of the Marist College MBA graduate students are already in the world of work. MBA graduate students do not require the same kind of shock treatment that an undergraduate might. As an academic professor you always wonder, am I really teaching these students what they are going to need? At Marist College, we want our students to thrive, not just survive. The feedback we have been getting is not only are our MBA teachings relevant, but are they putting our students ahead of their peers in the work place. Our graduates are equipped with the tools they needed to be able to do and know things that their coworkers could not.

Marist College MBA graduates leave the Business Masters degree program with the knowledge and tools to set themselves apart from their competition. Learn more about earning your MBA degree online today!