M.A. in Communication Full-Time Course Option

The full-time option for the M.A. in Communication is an accelerated one-year program delivered fully online. Full-time students enroll in 4 courses in the fall and spring semesters, with the final two courses scheduled during the summer session. All coursework, comprehensive exams, or thesis writing and defense can generally be completed by summer. Read detailed descriptions on our courses page.

Course Schedule

COMG 500 - Communication Theory 3cr
COMG 501 - Research Strategies and Methods 3cr
COMG 600 - Organizational Communication 3cr
COMG 601 - Interpersonal Communication 3cr
COMG 502 - Persuasion 3cr
COMG 503 - Media Relations 3cr
COMG 620 - The Role of Communication in Conflict and Negotiation 3cr
MPA 530 - Managing Organizational Change 3cr
COMG 621 - Leadership Communication 3cr
COMG 602 - Seminar in Communication  
or COMG 700 - Thesis* 3cr

*Students wishing to pursue a thesis must notify the M.A. program director of their intent to apply for this option by October 1.