Advancing Your Business Career in a Technology Driven World

Technology’s Influence in Business

Advancing Your Business Career in a Technology Driven WorldTo say technology plays an important role in today’s business world would be a gross understatement. With smartphones and tablets, Facebook, Twitter, cloud computing, apps for everything you can imagine, and the advent of “Big Data”, technology presents both huge opportunities and challenges for businesses and jobseekers alike. If you’re interested in advancing your business career in a technology driven world, a Master’s of Science in Information Systems (MSIS) is just what you need to achieve your career goals.

Technology’s influence in business can be seen from everything to telecommuting, to boiling large amounts of disparate data into actionable insights. It’s a powerful tool that keeps businesses efficient and intelligent. But no matter how smart technology can be, it’s nothing without the right people in charge of it. A Master’s of Science in Information Systems exposes students to new frameworks, modernized tools, and delivers hands on knowledge of how these systems all work together. This knowledge gives graduates the ability to understand complex systems and their applications within an organization.

The primary areas of study for the MSIS program include information-systems technology, systems concepts and processes, and organization functions and management. The program not only focuses on the technological aspects of systems, but also the sociological aspects. This provides graduates with a working knowledge of systems, and how they can best be applied. The strategic application of systems can definitely set one organization apart from another, so it is incumbent upon jobseekers to think critically and have the skills to understand how best to apply a wide range of systems.

Students who graduate with an MSIS degree are uniquely positioned to be the innovators and change agents for their organizations. Combined with their business knowledge, MSIS graduates present employers with a well-rounded knowledge base, opening career advancement in a host of areas. It’s perfect for business professionals looking to expand their understanding of technology, technologists looking to upgrade their skillset, and jobseekers looking to beef up their resume and stand out within the marketplace.

In order to advance your business career in a technology driven world, a Master’s of Science in Information Systems delivers the necessary education to beef up your resume. As technology’s influence in business increases, those who remain at the forefront of the curve will be well positioned to rise within their chosen career paths. They will be the leaders and innovators for a whole new generation of business professionals. See how far you can go with an MSIS degree. 


Published by Laura Zurowski

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