Master’s Degree in Information Systems Students and Alumni

Our strong network of alumni can be found at both international companies such as IBM, Goldman Sachs, and Cisco as well as small, start-up ventures scattered throughout the country. Working in a variety of professional capacities and business sectors, our alumni offer current MSIS graduate students learning and mentoring experiences that complement those presented in the classroom. 

Chaithanyakrishna Noti, Marist College MSIS  Chaithanyakrishna Noti, 2017
Keeton Industries
International Aquaculture Account Executive

 Janpreet Singh, Marist College MSIS Janpreet Singh, 2017
Geodis SCO
Data Analyst
 Shruti Kulkarni, MSIS Shruti Kulkarni, 2017
Continuum Managed Solutions
Quality Analyst
Deep Dand, Marist College MSIS Deep Dand, 2018
Accenture Services 
Application Developer/Analyst
 Anuya Kamath, MSIS '19 Anuya Kamath, 2019
ICICI Bank Ltd.
Deputy Manager
 John Weidner  John Weidner, 2018


Joseph Verderame, ’00 Vice President at Morgan Stanley, Global Head of Windows Virtualization and Remote Access Engineering. As such, he is responsible for the virtualization technologies across the desktop environment and for remote computing strategies for the global company. “Any time any of Morgan Stanley’s almost 60,000 employees log on to work from home or anywhere outside of work, they are using the systems my team has created,” Verderame said. While Verderame completed the five-year bachelor’s and master’s program at Marist, he interned twice at Morgan Stanley over the summer. After graduating, he entered the company’s training program, which rolls its trainees into a company position in IT. Since that time, he has held many roles with the firm.

Mohammed Aziz, MD, ’14 Director of Critical Care Services, St. Catherine of Siena Medical Center. “The reason I wanted to do my masters in information systems is because, in the next three to five years, we [healthcare] will have everything connected by different systems.” Mohammed pursued an MSIS because, “The next generation of physicians must be very familiar with information systems, otherwise they are going to be left behind. You are not going to be able to separate healthcare from technology. You won’t have to wait for someone to print out an X-ray, bring it upstairs and show it to the doctor and then go get a consultant. With emerging technologies, all the necessary physicians can view the X-ray in a matter of minutes, simultaneously.”

Christopher Wheeler, ’13 Senior IT Specialist, IBM, Cloud Delivery Operations, Poughkeepsie, NY. Chris may work from home in Hyde Park, NY, but his profession and skill set put him in contact with people from all over the world, who are both customers and co-workers. “It’s always been a personal goal [to get my master’s]. I felt like it was something that could hold my career back in the future. A lot of places want that higher level of education, but I mostly wanted to grow in my career. In IT you can become very pigeonholed. You become the guy that just does this one thing. I wanted to expand my horizons, to make myself more valuable, especially on the business side, which is why I went for IS.”