Information Systems Capstone Graduate Degree Course

MSIS 720 Capstone Course – Information Systems Masters Degree Class

Through the use of projects, this course fits together all of the concepts from previous courses regarding information systems development. The student gains experience in analyzing, designing, implementing, and evaluating information systems. Assignments consist of at least one systems development project involving all or part of the systems-development cycle. Students will work independently or in teams to acquire practical experience through such projects, including the behavioral considerations in systems development. The instructor(s) will act as evaluator(s) instead of teacher(s) since the course pragmatically tests the student’s knowledge and skills gained previously in the program. The student’s ability to apply the systems approach to the project as a whole and to individual components will be very closely evaluated.

Contact us to learn more about the IS Project Capstone course through the Master’s in Information Systems and Technology Management MSIS degree. The Capstone IS Project and all other courses available through the MSIS degree are offered through an online or on campus course structure, allowing for flexible learning on your own time.

IS Project Capstone Graduate Degree Course - Credits Earned (3 credits)