How to Become a Chief Technology Officer

Earning a Master’s in Information Technology

How to Become a Chief Technology OfficerIf you’re interested in becoming a Chief Technology Officer (CTO), the Marist Information Technology Management (ITM) Master’s degree program just may be the right program for you. The ITM track is designed strictly for professionals interested in information systems careers. The ITM program is an immersive IT and technology experience, which also provides students with the finance and marketing foundations necessary to obtain a management position within Information Technology. The road to becoming a Chief Technology Officer begins with earning a Master’s in Information Systems - Information Technology Management track.

In any organization, the Chief Technology Officer plays a very important role in marrying technological systems with business processes, strategies, and policies. It is the job of a CTO to understand the field of technology, and how it can best be applied with a business. The Marist IT Management graduate degree program gives students the knowledge to become IT leaders, such as CTOs, who can strategically apply technology in innovative, intelligent ways.

To become a Chief Technology Officer, you must obviously possess a solid understanding of technology. The ITM graduate degree track features courses in computer concepts and software systems, web technologies, and data communications. These classes provide an in-depth look into the world of business technology, and provide students with a fundamental understanding of all the applications of technology within the business world.

The role of a CTO goes beyond a technology knowledge base, and demands that job applicants have a vision for how technology plays within the business world. The ITM graduate degree track reflects this requirement by offering classes in marketing foundations, management foundations, finance foundations, and accounting foundations. It is through these more business-oriented classes that CTOs are born. Students graduating with this skillset will separate themselves from other graduate students who may have a sole focus on technology alone.

Earning your Master’s in Information Technology is a great step towards becoming a Chief Technology Officer. Marist’s innovative Information Technology Management Master’s degree program is taught by industry leaders in the world of technology. Through our flexible iLearn program, you can earn your degree on your own time while still enjoying the same classroom experience as your on-campus peers. If your goal is to someday be a CTO of a small business or large organization, the Marist ITM graduate degree is the right place to start. Contact a Marist representative for more information.


 Published by Laura Zurowski

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