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Watch our video interviews with faculty, alumni, and students and learn how the Master of Science in Information Systems can help you to integrate business and technology to solve real-world organizational problems.
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Marist College Campus in Poughkeepsie, NY


Serving New York, New Jersey, Connecticut regions


Marist, located in the Hudson River Valley in Poughkeepsie, NY, attracts masters in information systems students from New York, Connecticut, New Jersey and other states in the Northeast as well as internationally.

IBM Partnership


Marist IBM Technology Partnership


Our 25-year partnership with IBM has produced cutting-edge technology through the hands-on work of our students, faculty and IBM.

Systems and Information Concepts in Organizations Course

MSIS 527 Core Course – Information Systems Masters Degree

The Marist College Systems and Information Concepts in Organizations course is an identification and basic exploration of the systems point of view, the organization of a system, information flows, and the nature of information systems in organizations.

The Systems and Information Concepts in Organizations MSIS graduate level course provides an overview of the core concepts of information systems.  Masters in Information Systems (MSIS) graduate degree students will gain concrete knowledge of the implications of information systems on organizations in the modern world. MSIS graduate students will be exposed to the key concepts of people, process and technology in information systems within an organization.

Throughout the duration of this Masters in Information Systems (MSIS) course, the relation between systems and information to organizational objectives is examined. MSIS graduate students will explore functional information systems including marketing, manufacturing, and finance. MSIS graduate school students will gain the distinction between management information systems and decision support systems. Team exercises and multiple case problems are used.

Prerequisite: Graduate IS standing. Fall and spring semesters.

Systems and Information Concepts in Organizations Degree Course Credits Earned (3 credits)