Master's In Information Systems Curriculum

MSIS Degree Online / On-Campus Graduate Courses Requirements

After acceptance into the Marist College Master’s in Information Systems (MSIS) program, MSIS graduate students will receive a list of courses that will need to be successfully completed. Specific undergraduate or graduate course work may be recommended to satisfy prerequisite requirements or remedy deficiencies as identified by the graduate director. MSIS degree requirements must be completed within seven (7) years of acceptance into the program with a cumulative index of 3.0 or higher. Requests for an extension of the seven-year limitation must be made in writing to the graduate directors.

Many of our current and potential Master’s in Information Systems (MSIS) graduate degree students are professionals seeking to gain the knowledge to make themselves more marketable in their career. At Marist College, we have thoughtfully constructed our M.S. degree in Information Systems curriculum to cover a healthy mix of systems frameworks, modern tools, and problem-solving skills.

The M.S. in Information Systems Hands-On Approach

The Marist College Master’s of Science in Information Systems curriculum is comprised of the following components. These components are used as critical success factors for students in information systems graduate program.

Master's in Information Systems (MSIS) Graduate Degree Requirements

To qualify for the Master of Science degree in Information Systems, a student must normally complete 36 or 37 hours of work at the graduate level (excluding prerequisites). Course waivers may reduce this to as few as 30 credit hours.

Master's of Science in Information Systems Required Core Courses

MSIS Required Courses (18 Credits)

MSIS 527 Systems & Information Concepts in Organizations 3 credits
MSIS 537 Data Management I 3 credits
MSIS 567 Data Communications 3 credits
MSIS 647 Information Analysis 3 credits
MSIS 657 Systems Design 3 credits
MSIS 730 Information Systems Policy 3 credits

Each MSIS graduate student is expected to complete the Master's in Information Systems degree as outlined at the time of admission to Marist College. Therefore, under normal circumstances transfer credit or waiver requests for graduate work taken elsewhere after admission to this program will not be granted. Such substitutions will only be considered for substantive reason, such as relocation.

The Information Systems graduate program (MSIS) curriculum offers two specializations. Each specialization curriculum will consist of six required common Information Systems core courses and three required specialization-specific courses. MSIS graduate students may choose between the Information Systems Management track (ISM) graduate degree, which has a business-application focus or the Information Technology Management track (ITM) graduate degree, which has an Information Technology focus.

Information Systems Management Curriculum Track

ISM Required Courses (9 credits)

• MBA 525 Marketing Foundations 3 credits
• MBA 555 Management Foundations 3 credits
• MBA 575 Finance Foundations 3 credits
• Electives 9 credits from: Information Systems, Business, Software Development
• ISM Graduate Degree Prerequisites: MATH 130 Introduction to Statistics

Information Technology Management Curriculum Track

ITM Required Courses (16 credits)

MSIS 507 Computer Concepts & Software Systems 3 credits
MSIS 517 Web Technologies 3 credits
MSIS 561 Data Communications Lab 1 credit
MBA 525 Marketing Foundations 3 credits
MBA 555 Management Foundations 3 credits
MBA 575 Finance Foundations 3 credits OR
MBA 545 Accounting Foundations 3 credits
• Electives 3 credits from: Information Systems, Business, Software Development
• ITM Graduate Degree Prerequisites: MSIS 500 Fundamentals of Object-Oriented Programming, MATH 130 Introduction to Statistics

MSIS Degree Curriculum Course Scheduling

All courses leading to the Information Systems degree are offered on-campus in the late afternoon and evening or online. Since this limits the number of available times for classes, full-time MSIS graduate students may occasionally encounter scheduling problems. The graduate director will attempt in good faith to resolve such problems whenever they occur. MSIS graduate students are responsible for taking courses in the scheduled semesters.

For part-time MSIS Master’s degree students, it is recommended that two courses per semester be established as the normal objective. Benefits to the students are that initial personal motivation is better sustained, program completion occurs more quickly, odds on finishing are greatly increased, and the rewards of the effort are gained much sooner.

The graduate director reserves the right to limit the number of courses that a student may take each semester depending upon a student's professional workload and other concerns.

Other Information Systems Graduate-Level Programs

Marist College also offers two, graduate-level advanced certificate programs in Business Analytics and Information Systems. Please visit the respective program pages to learn more and apply.

Contact Marist to learn more about all of our Information Systems graduate-level programs. All of our Information Systems Master’s degrees are available through an online course structure, allowing students to earn their degree through a flexible schedule on their own time.