Data Communications Master's Graduate Degree Course

MSIS 567 Core Course – Information Systems Masters Degree Class

The MSIS 567 Data Communications Master’s degree course examines the concepts and mechanisms of data-transport systems including information in the form of data, voice, and image. This Information Systems graduate level course will give MSIS students the fundamental knowledge of data communication networks. During the semester network architecture, terminology, control, and general topologies are also discussed.

Through the Data Communications MSIS course, current equipment and physical interconnection are explored in an applied model incorporating a range of network services to support application development, distributed processing, information centers, and distance learning. Emphasis is placed on the impact of data-communications technology on organizations and on the design of future information systems.

Through the Data Communications graduate degree course, students will:

  • Gain a fundamental technical understanding of data communication concepts.
  • Obtain strong insight into various companies and products that support data communication.
  • Gain a clear understanding of the emerging applications of all data communication systems.
  • Learn important resources that are needed to stay up-to-date with emerging Internet technologies and trends.
  • Better understand how computer networks are evolving through trend analysis.

Contact us to learn more about the Data Communications course through the Master’s in Information Systems and Technology Management MSIS degree. The Data Communications and all other courses available through the MSIS degree are offered through an online or on campus course structure, allowing for flexible learning on your own time.

Data Communications Graduate Degree Course - Credits Earned (3 credits)