Data Management I Graduate Degree Course

MSIS 537 Core Course – Information Systems Masters Degree

The Marist College Data Management I graduate degree course is a study of the critical issues related to managing data as a resource, the data environment, the database approach, and the need for data modeling are examined in detail.

The Data Management I Masters in Information Systems graduate course is geared towards the growing use of database management systems in managing data. Throughout this course, MSIS graduate students will discuss the growing use of data within various organizations, data administration function, its relevance in evolving organizations, and emerging issues are also addressed.

Upon completion of the Data Management I MSIS Masters degree course students should be able to:

  • Engage as a member of a Data Management team within an organization.
  • Implement industry standard “best practice” approach to their Data Management work and applications.
  • Understand the important roles and skills required in database administration, data administration and repository administration.
  • Practice data administration, database administration and repository administration skills.
  • Develop procedures for managing an organization’s corporate data resources.

Data Management I Graduate Degree Course Credits Earned (3 credits)