The Stepping Stones to Becoming a CTO

How a Master's in Information Technology Influences a Chief Technology Officer's Career

The Chief Technology Officer (CTO) has become one of the more prevalent executive roles in technology-based industries that focus on e-commerce, social networking services, biotech and pharmaceuticals, defense, automotive, and game development. Their skill-sets are generally used in new industries that rely on automation to improve the internal performance of a company or in enhancing the product and services being created. If you have considered pursuing an information technology career path, the most important stepping stone to becoming a CTO is your graduate degree.

The Stepping Stones to Becoming a CTOA Master’s in Information Technology can positively influence a Chief Technology Officer's career. Marist’s degree program is designed to enhance information technology skills and provide a foundation for marketing and finance that will prepare graduate school students for IT management positions. To be a successful CTO it is important to provide innovative ways of applying technology in business. The curriculum developed for the Marist program focuses heavily on web technologies, computer concepts, and software systems. After completing a Master’s in Information Systems at Marist College, you will have completed an important stepping stone to becoming a CTO. The skills learned in the MSIS program will prepare you to make executive-level decisions regarding the best ways to increase workplace productivity and utilize the technology advancements in modern business.

It is during your time in the MSIS program that you will develop a vision for the way technology will influence business. Systems design and policy are at the core of learning about the technology of information and the ways in which Chief Technology Officers are able to predict and prepare for changes in information systems before they occur. It is the responsibility of a CTO to prepare large industries for information system changes and potential threats while effectively navigating companies through to continued success of their business. A Master’s in Information Systems influences a CTO's career because, without it, a, CTO would possesses less behavioral, organizational, and financial knowledge. It is imperative that CTOs are engaged in business processes, strategy, and policy to make the most effective decisions for their company.

The MSIS program at Marist offers a curriculum designed to prepare students to take on this executive level position and succeed. The skills developed during study in the program will prepare graduates for any technological challenge they may face upon entering the workforce and give them critical thinking skills to confidently pursue IT management positions in modern business industry.

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