Systems Design Graduate Degree Course

MSIS 657 Core Course – Information Systems Masters Degree

The Systems Design MSIS graduate degree course is a rigorous study of the development of an information system including specification, design, implementation, and testing. Both managerial and technological aspects of systems design and implementation are considered.

During the MSIS Systems Design course the process of planning for change, audits, and post-implementation reviews are considered. The MSIS course's emphasis is on a total systems solution rather than software alone. Team projects help Masters in Information Systems graduate student acquire the knowledge and skills required to develop a physical design and implement an operational system from logical design.

MSIS graduate students will gain the knowledge on how to develop modules using the most current programming languages as well as the ability to utilize the theories of data structures and programming language design. Students enrolled in the Systems Design graduate course will learn the planning, analysis, design and implementation process of computer-based information systems. The Systems Design course will focus on the methodologies and procedures used in organizational problem solving and systems development.

Prerequisite: MSIS 647 Information Analysis. Fall and spring semesters.

Systems Design Graduate Degree Course credits earned (3 credits)