How to Not Become Obsolete in a Technology Driven Business World

The Importance of Staying Technologically Savvy in the Modern Business World

Almost everyone knows about Facebook, Twitter, and Google, but if asked about HTML, CMS, or Privileged Identity Management, would you know what they do? More importantly, would you know how to use them to benefit your organization? A lack of technical proficiency could be harming your career, making you obsolete in a technology driven business world. Avoid this fate with a Marist Master’s in Information Systems Management (MSIS).

The importance of staying technologically savvy in the modern business world cannot be understated. Never before have business and technology been so intertwined, and those with the skills to combine business, strategy, and technology will be well positioned to advance and succeed. The MSIS program features a blended business-technology program. Students gain the skills to prepare them for the increasingly connected business of today, and tomorrow. Not only will graduates achieve a new level of technical proficiency, they will also understand just how to apply it for the betterment of their business or organization.

The broad range of skills earned through the MSIS program will help you to avoid becoming obsolete in a technology driven business world. All MSIS graduate students are required to take six core classes that teach the foundational principles of business and technology. Students are also given the chance to earn their degree in our Information Systems Management graduate degree track. Each track is designed to increase your technical and business proficiency.

Business today isn’t a young person’s game, but it is a technologically savvy person’s game. Staying tech savvy in the modern business world is one of the most important things a person can do in this day and age. The Marist MSIS graduate degree is the perfect opportunity for more business minded individuals to hone their technical skills, and increase their fluency in the world of business and technology.

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