Web Technologies Graduate Degree Course

MSIS 517 ITM Course – Information Technology Management Masters Degree

The Web Technologies graduate degree course gives Information Technology Management students a chance to gain experience with many of the technologies that drive the World-Wide Web. Students enrolled in the Web Technologies course will learn a broad range of increasingly influential and strategic website technology skills.

While the Web began as a collection of static, linked documents, it has evolved to include robust applications and technology platforms that deliver dynamic content, and rich, interactive experiences. Web Technologies course students will be introduced to cutting-edge website technology techniques, as well as have projects assigned to help engrain a well-rounded understanding of the subject matter.

After completing the Web Technologies graduate degree course Information Technology Master’s degree students will have gained insights into website architectures, protocols, standards, languages, tools and techniques. Students will also leave the Website Technology class with an understanding of important web and information technology industry standards such as planning, design, implementation and testing.

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Web Technologies Graduate Degree Course Credits Earned (3 credits)