Integrated Marketing Communication Strategy

Presented by James Baumann of the Ad Council

Integrated Marketing Communication StrategyThe Ad Council of New York has partnered with major brands for more than 50 years to deliver public service messages ranging from fire safety to child obesity. In this video, Senior Vice President of National Accounts & Media Marketing James Baumann discusses the value of using multiple media platforms to deliver those messages, as well as how to encourage user-generated content that lines up with the overall strategy.

"Some of the most highly-visible marketing stories are from user-generated 'viral' videos," observes Ad Council senior VP James Baumann. "Aside from the messaging we create, we have to influence how people think about an issue so that when they generate their own content it is in line with that strategy."

James Baumann is a graduate of Marist College and in his position at the Ad Council he leads the media department's efforts to secure donated media and develop and maintain partnerships with national media companies; manages tactical engagement to grow multi-media partnerships; directs efforts to customize PSA campaigns in support of specific Ad Council sponsor and media company initiatives; and oversees the strategic implementation of electronic marketing communications and outreach.

The Master's Program in Integrated Marketing Communication fills an important need in both the for-profit and non-profit sectors. For organizations both large and small, local and national in scope, the opportunity to create and distribute content and engage stakeholders has grown exponentially in recent years. The MA in IMC at Marist, a fully-online program that can be completed in one year, was created to develop leaders who can step in immediately to create, contribute, execute, and evaluate sophisticated outreach strategies.

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Written by Laura Zurowski

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