What is Integrated Marketing Communication?

Advancing Your Marketing Career

What is Integrated Marketing Communication?What is Integrated Marketing Communication? Integrated marketing communication addresses the need for strategic consistency across the various functions of advertising, brand management, corporate communication, consumer marketing and public relations.

When you think about the best companies in the world, they generally have one thing in common: great marketing. Before the days of social media, an expanding global marketplace and everyone having a computer in their pocket, advancing your marketing career meant creating a nice ad in a magazine or having a cool commercial. These days, great marketing means way more. Considering consumers are one Facebook comment away from connecting to their favorite brands, marketing career success in the 21st Century relies on the major building block of integrated marketing communication.

Through advanced integrated marketing communication skills, companies develop long-lasting relationships with their target audience. This occurs both during and after the sale or delivery of the product or service. Remember the last time you had a great experience with a company? More than likely this experience was the result of a cohesive internal marketing and communication strategy.  The goal of this was to integrate these different marketing skillsets and disciplines to communicate a response that matched the company’s core marketing and communication values with your concerns to create a solution. For example, your Twitter complaint wasn’t addressed and rectified because someone felt like being nice. This was done as part of an integrated marketing strategy to keep the brand and consumer marketing image positive.

A benefit of integrated marketing communication is that companies are better prepared to create a cohesive marketing message and communication strategy for today’s hyper-connected world. With the shift from traditional advertising to digital and viral social media advertising, it’s more important than ever to have well executed integrated marketing messaging and consumer communication strategies. You may call this the well-oiled marketing machine. When someone calls customer service, sees a press release or clicks on an online banner, their experiences should all be unified. This brand recognition and reinforcement is invaluable in today’s crowded marketplace.

Understanding and staying ahead of these dramatic shifts in the world of marketing is getting both harder, and more essential, for career success. For you, the employee, the skills learned through advancing your marketing and communications knowledge will give you the necessary tools to succeed and advance your career. Marketing is now everyone’s job, and communicating effectively with both your core internal and external audiences, will allow you to build marketing strategies that work, and set your sights on that corner office.

There is no doubt that the integration of marketing and communication is already playing a vital role in today’s business world, but putting it to work for you could be a great way of advancing your marketing career. If you’re ready to make your mark in this fast-paced, ever-changing career marketplace, Marist’s Integrated Marketing Communication program is one of only a handful of programs in the country offering an online Master’s degree in this exciting category. We urge you to check it out and see what a Master’s degree in Integrated Marketing Communication can mean for advancing your marketing career and future. 


Written by Laura Zurowski

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