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Recommended by Media Business and Brand Strategy Advisor Tom Troland 

Integrated Marketing Communication ReadingTom Troland, Media Business and Brand Strategy Advisor, provided the following suggested reading list and commentary for those interested in learning more about integrated marketing communication.

“Anything by Marshall McLuhan makes the list (The Medium is the Massage, Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man and others) as well as Douglas Coupland, particularly Generation X and his latest book, Marshall McLuhan: You Know Nothing of My Work! 

Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card is great for leadership but there’s also a bunch of terrific, insightful people thinking and writing about two hours ahead of the curve. Any of the last three William Gibson novels – Pattern Recognition, Spook Country, and Zero History, give a sense of where the immediate future is headed. Gibson also is responsible for my favorite quote which is “the future’s already happened it’s just not evenly distributed” That’s spot on!

There are some others – Cognitive Surplus: How Technology Makes Consumers into Collaborators by Clay Shirky and Here Comes Everybody: The Power of Organizing Without Organizations. Both of those are about building and creating climates. I also think that Ted Levitt’s 1983 book Marketing Imagination is one of the smartest about why we need to understand marketing.  

Flip the Funnel and Join the Conversation by Joseph Jaffe are also exciting reads.  There’s a terrific bibliography out there for people interested in the discipline and it’s constantly refreshing itself. This helps to keep the professional broadly aware and focused on the job the customer is hiring you to do.”


Written by Laura Zurowski

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