How an IMC Master's Degree Creates Consistency Between Brand and Culture

Mary Boone on the Intersection of Brand and Culture

Mary Boone, President of Boone Associates, addresses how an IMC Master's degree can provide the knowledge to create consistency between the intersection of brand and culture within a company. Integrated marketing communication (IMC) Master's degrees are addressing something that's crucial right now. If companies are providing consumers with an image of a brand, they must live up to this image with their internal culture as well. The culture of the organization has to be consistent with the brand image they portray. Company branding and culture have to come together in order to create consistency.

In order for this to happen it's very important that people from communication and marketing are working closely together to create alignment, consistency and integrity of corporate character. The chief marketing officer study that IBM recently put out talks about the concept of corporate character, that's a very good way of characterizing it because corporate character is about who we are, what we stand for, what's our purpose, and how are we living up to that purpose. It's what we say and what we do and so in order to achieve a very strong and sturdy corporate character, we need to have these functions working together.

The Marist Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) Master's degree provides graduate students with the necessary knowledge to create a consistent brand and culture within companies and corporations. IMC Graduate degree students will gain the cutting edge tools and techniques to accomplish this in todays ever changing virtual atmosphere.