Advertising Management Master’s Degree Course

IMC Advertising Management Graduate Degree Course

The Marist College of NY online Advertising Management Master’s degree course is designed to examine the various processes involved in the management of advertising and related marketing communication. Advertising Management Master’s degree students will learn how advertising management is an inseparable part of the marketing department.

The Advertising graduate degree course deals with advertising from a strategic rather than simply a descriptive standpoint. Our Advertising M.A. graduate program starts out with a broad look at what advertising is meant to do, then goes on to provide you with an understanding of what it takes to develop effective marketing and advertising campaigns. In essence, we will concern ourselves with understanding many of the major issues in advertising and marketing.

Marist’s Online Advertising Management IMC Course

Advertising Management Masters Degree CourseAdvertising Management graduate school students enrolled in the online Advertising Management Master’s degree course will gain an in-depth understanding of consumer behavior, research, creative strategy, media strategy, campaign planning and account management. Graduate students enroll in the IMC advertising management program will learn to how to balance creativity with profitability, meet deadlines, work within budgets and determine consumer demand for products and services. In addition to learning how advertising ties in to the many facets of the modern day Integrated Marketing Communications industry.

IMC Master’s Degree Courses

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