Brand Management Master’s Degree Course

Integrated Marketing Communication Brand Management Graduate Course

Brand Management Masters Degree CourseThe Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) Brand Management graduate degree course teaches M.A. graduate school students the importance of differentiating products and services in today’s world of alternatives, which provides consumers with the power of choice. Through innovative marketing and brand management a strong brand can have a dramatic impact on a purchasing decision. Strong brands will transcend industries and provide an organization with one of its most valuable assets—BRAND EQUITY.

The basic approach in the IMC Brand Management course will be to blend the theory and practice of product marketing and brand management in a comfortable, supportive environment that promotes active learning. A good marketing theory is invaluable because it structures problems and suggests possible solutions. The business process of mission and marketing strategy creation through brand and identify development. The IMC Brand Management course is presented and reinforced through readings, case studies, and a branding management project for practical application and experiential learning.

Branding is both an art and a science. Thus, few branding situations have a definitive unqualified answer as to the “best” marketing programs. By providing Integrated Marketing Communication Brand Management students with relevant and comprehensive theories, as well as all the accompanying ideas, concepts, mechanisms, and models that go along with that. Through the IMC Brand Management M.A. course students will be able to make informed decisions that will have a greater probability of success. The interaction of customer, company (capabilities) and competitors (alternatives) are important considerations in branding. Many marketing and brand management theories covered will be from a consumer behavior perspective.

IMC Master’s Degree Courses

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