Marketing Foundations Master’s Degree Course

Integrated Marketing Communication Marketing Foundations Graduate Course

The online Marketing Foundations Master’s degree course addresses the challenge of designing, implementing and executing the optimal combination of marketing efforts to carry out an integrated marketing communication campaign to achieve the desired effect in a target market.

The course will help communication and marketing graduate school students develop skills in applying the analytic perspectives, decision tools and marketing concepts to product offerings, communication programs, distribution and pricing to capture the value created for the customer. Integrated Marketing Communication graduate school students enrolled in the online Marketing Foundation course will develop their own understanding and marketing management skills in this critical aspect of IMC.

Marketing Foundations Masters Degree CourseThe Integrated Marketing Communication Marketing Foundation course sets the stage by taking IMC M.A. students through marketing fundamentals beginning with marketing strategy, target marketing and opportunity analysis, then developing product, price, distribution and promotion and an introduction to customer driven marketing strategy.

IMC Master’s Degree Courses

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