Principles of Integrated Marketing Communication 

Course Description for the Online IMC Graduate Degree Program

Principles of Integrated Marketing CommunicationThe online Principles of Integrated Marketing Communication graduate program course is an introduction to the evolving concept and execution of Integrated Marketing Communication. The Principles of IMC Master’s degree program offers introductory information on the integration of the sometimes-isolated effects of advertising, direct response, sales promotion, marketing, public relations and corporate communication. 

The IMC graduate marketing and communication Master’s degree course explores all aspects of mediated and face-to-face communication in the creation of an ongoing integrated marketing communication campaign.  After taking this marketing Master’s degree course, IMC graduate school students will be familiar with Integrated Marketing Communication terminology and concepts. The Principles of Integrated Marketing Communication course makes extensive use of relevant communication and marketing industry sources and practical examples to gain a better understanding and appreciation of marketing, communication and Integrated Marketing Communication as a whole.

IMC Master’s Degree Courses

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