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IMC Graduate Degree Program Online Courses

IMC Graduate Degree CoursesThe mission of the Marist College of New York's Integrated Marketing Communications Master’s degree program is to advance the knowledge and practice of this multidisciplinary and evolving field through quality instruction. IMC is the development of consistent branding, marketing strategies and creative campaigns across both traditional and non-traditional marketing channels. Integrated Marketing Communications weaves together multiple marketing disciplines (advertising, public relations, promotion, branding and social media) that are selected and then executed to suit the particular goals of the brand.

Upon completion of Marist College of New York's online Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) graduate school program, students should be able to understand the theory of consumer behavior and marketing segmentation strategies. By earning their Master’s degree in Marketing through the IMC degree program students will be able to demonstrate strong research, analytical and strategic decision-making skills, and understand the concept of branding and the strategic importance of building brand equity. IMC graduate students will also gain knowledge of writing effectively for diverse audiences, traditional and nontraditional MARCOM tools and developing an effective Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) plan.

Learn more about the courses in the Marist College online Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) program:


Principles of Integrated Marketing Communication

An online Integrated Marketing Communication Master's degree course dedicated to teaching graduate school students the ever changing concepts of Integrated Marketing Communications in a digital world. This IMC course is designed to integrate IMC students with Integrated Marketing Communication terminology, concepts and strategies.

Advertising Management

Through this Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) course graduate students will gain knowledge on how advertising plays a role in marketing from a strategic point of view. Marketing Master's degree students will gain an understanding of the strategy behind developing an effective advertising campaign, and analyze what exactly advertising is meant to do.

Public Relations Management

The Integrated Marketing Public Relations Management course is designed to give marketing graduate students an understanding of public relations in terms of strategic management. Marketing Master's degree program students will gain real-life experience through the exploration of various communication theories, trends and issues. In addition, marketing students will develop a comprehensive public relations plan, with an emphasis on the role of public relations in the integrated marketing communications process that meets specific business and communication needs.

Social Media Strategies & Tactics

This Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) course focuses on social media including the educational insights required to develop the objectives and strategies used to properly select social media platforms to engage consumers. IMC graduate students will also learn to effectively monitor and measure the results of these various Integrated Marketing Communication social media marketing efforts.

Marketing Research

The Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) Marketing Research course is designed to educate students on the marketing research process by providing them with the necessary marketing research literature. Integrated Marketing Communication students will learn how to conceptualize and conduct marketing research and use that research as an aid for strategic marketing decisions.

Marketing Foundations

The Marketing Foundations course helps Integrated Marketing Communication Master's degree students develop skills for applying analytic perspectives, decision making and various marketing in order to create value for the customer. Students will develop their own understanding and management skills in this critical aspect of IMC.

Brand Management

The Brand Management Integrated Marketing Communication course is designed to teach students the importance a strong impact can have on purchasing decisions. With a concentration on brand equity, Integrated Marketing Communication course students will gain knowledge through readings, case studies, and a course project designed for practical application.

Analytical Tools for Decision Making

The Analytical Tools for Decision making Integrated Marketing Communication Master's degree course is designed to provide marketing graduate students with an understanding of key methods and tools of marketing analysis. IMC Master's program students are provided with an understanding of statistical analysis, testing and comparison marketing analysis.

Global Consumer Insights

Integrated Marketing Communication Masters Degree Students enrolled in the Global Consumer Insights course focus on the strategical implications of consumer behaviors. Through this IMC graduate course students will gain an understanding of buyer behavior and e-commerce marketing.

Integrated Marketing Communication Capstone

The Integrated Marketing Communication Capstone course allows students to gain the knowledge needed to be at the forefront of IMC by looking forward to an integrated brand experience.