IMC Graduate Degree Benefits in a Digital Age

Digital Experience in Marketing

IMC Graduate Degree Benefits in a Digital AgeThe importance of an IMC graduate degree has become increasingly relevant in today’s corporate world. As employers look for individuals who are able to harness, understand, and develop well thought out marketing communication plans, an IMC degree will help students gain the skills to create breakthrough marketing in an age of oversaturation. Marist College is one of the few IMC graduate programs in the country that provides its students with a broad learning experience to create employable marketing strategists.

Within the last decade or so, companies began to see trends in social and digital media and how users were responding positively toward information shared on Twitter, Facebook and other social outlets that was developed creatively, or caught their attention. What they discovered was that successful campaigns included an understanding of their consumer base and familiarity with platforms in the social spectrum. Users were sharing articles and advertisements, and in turn creating “buzz” and sales for companies who used sites such as Facebook to promote their products or services. No longer was solely focusing on developing the most colorful television commercial an acceptable marketing plan. Today, this learning has forced companies to get inside the heads of consumers to understand what they need and how they respond to material, such as advertisements, that is presented to them. This has led to the development of digital marketing experiences for consumers.

Integrated Marketing Communication was formed combining all tasks related to branding, social media, advertising, digital marketing, communications, and public relations. Companies began consolidating jobs to include all of these responsibilities and therefore, students are encouraged to become well versed in all areas of building company reputation and trustworthy products. The broad learning experience of the IMC curriculum at Marist focuses on all of these topics and allows the program to benefit students interested in being an integral part of the digital age.

Students enrolled in the IMC degree are required to take 10 courses, which are developed to include the convergence of marketing and communication. Over the course of their studies, students will review basic principles of marketing, advertising and public relations management, social media tactics, marketing research and foundations, branding, analytical tools for decision making, and will expand all these topics on a global scale. Each course offers a unique perspective on modern day marketing efforts, and allows students to gain digital experience in marketing.

Marketing is now a strategic operation, relationships are established with target audiences, and those relationships are expected to last forever. Having a cohesive marketing message is a step in the right direction toward maintaining those relationships and building reputable brands. With the programs reliance on studying digital media, the courses are all multimedia-based, allowing students to become familiar with the technology that is involved in successful integrated marketing strategies.

By completing your Integrated Marketing Communication degree you too can develop into a leader of branding and marketing strategy. Apply now to the IMC degree at Marist College. If you would like more information on our program curriculum, contact us. 

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