Using the Marketing Tools Gained from an IMC Master's Degree

Tom Troland on Using The Proper IMC Tools to Your Marketing Needs

Tom Troland, media business and strategy advisor, discusses using the proper Integrated Marketing Communication tools for your marketing needs. The tools gained through your IMC Master's degree give you the ability to shape your marketing and communication strategies. Each marketing initiative requires an individually cultivated social, branding, and advertising plan. The IMC Master's degree from Marist College can provide you with the tools to properly assess your marketing needs.

Marketing in the Web 2.0 world is about individual strategies and tools for each medium or media outlet, rather than monster marketing solutions. It's about combining various successful marketing solutions and tools. Marshall McCluen said it best a long time ago, we shape our tools and thereafter our tools shape us. Integrated marketing is nothing more ultimately than translation of job to tool.

Thinking about what you need in modern day marketing, in a magazine you probably need content that inspires and to a certain degree facilitates. On the Internet you probably need something quite different, which is information that you can act on. The division of modern day Integrated Marketing Communications began with social media giants like Facebook, and has evolved into several different social platforms, each requiring their own carefully calculated strategy and marketing tools.